Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to Mass

Aubrey and Lyndon spent Saturday night with Carl and me. Aubrey was with us, because Leah had to haul a load to Florida. Lyndon stayed because he takes every opportunity to be around Aubrey. They looked so cute that I had to take pictures, of course! Early Sunday before Mass they engaged in one of their favorite games; they played store.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Rock

We finally have the metal work on the rock at the entrance to our driveway. The rock has been up for a few months, but we had to wait for a slow period at the shop before we could install the metal art. We're very happy with the way it came out.

My Decorator is Amazing

After Halloween Audra came over to redo my mantel and piano and entry. Since I'd finished painting the living room, I still hadn't put everything back up. Audra did a terrific job with everything, as usual. Now the entry is finished and I'm beginning the dining room on Monday after work. I love the paint and the texture that I used in the living room and entry. The dining room is going to be the darker grey that I used in the entry. Then I'm through with painting...until after Thanksgiving!

Little Trick or Treaters

Aubrey and Lyndon both came trick or treating on Halloween. Aubrey was a Texas Tech cheerleader, and Lyndon was a shark. Aubrey was very excited about the whole Halloween experience. She wasn't a very graceful cheerleader, however. She tripped and fell on her way up the front step. That wasn't too bad, but then she also tripped and fell on her way out. She skinned her knee and we had to clean it and apply a bandaid. She cried until she saw the jack o lantern that I had lit in the bathroom, the she laughed.
Lyndon was very hyper either from the fun or the sugar or the caffeine from the chocolate. He was having fun, but getting on his tired Momma's nerves. They were both adorable as you can see.