Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lyndon & Aubrey's Tent

Last night Aubrey and Lyndon spent the night with us. We stayed up quite late; it was after ten when Lyndon fell asleep in the living room chair, Pepere was the next to crash followed by Aubrey after 10:30. She was sleeping on a pallet in the living room; Pepere was in the recliner. I just wasn't sleepy so I stayed up reading and watched TV before going to sleep at 1:15 or so. Seven AM seemed to arrive very soon! Lyndon and Aubrey began playing store early. I made oatmeal while Pepere slept in. The three of us then went to the park and walked a mile before playing on the swings and slides. I was very proud of them (and surprised) for walking the entire mile without complaining that they were tired. When we got home, they wanted to build a tent. They played for hours inside the tent, cooking and playing store.

Making Halloween Treats

Aubrey and Lyndon really got into the spirit while making these Halloween treats. We wanted the full size moon pies, but couldn't find any so we made do with these minis that Audra found. We used oreo cookies, candy corn, frosting, sprinkles, and M&Ms. It's a miracle that Aubrey didn't get sick; every time I looked at her, she was filling her face with moon pie, oreo or M&M. They did a very good job with their art, as you can see. They were both quite proud of their work, and they made extras for Audra, Cody and Leah.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We've Sold Another Tractor!!!

Yesterday we sold the Versatile 400 that we've had on the lot. It's a wonderful feeling. We have another customer that wants us to price TWO tractors for him; keep your fingers crossed!!

Invigorating Fall Weather

My favorite time of the year is here, and I'm really enjoying it. It's in the low fifties today so I'm taking advantage of the cool weather. Promptly upon arriving home from the shop, I lit a fire. I've got candles lit, the fireplace blazing, and all of my autumn decorations up. This is definitely a feel good moment.

The Living Room

One more room is painted! The living room has definitely been the biggest task yet. I applied joint compound to the vertical lines of the paneling and textured the wall to look like drywall. I also painted the moldings and doors as with the other rooms. I then painted the walls. It's taken weeks, but I love the result. Here are a few photos.

Of course I still have some decorating to do, as you can see. I need drapes and I need to hang my pictures. The living room is totally re-arranged compliments of Audra. It makes a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! She's such an artist. I didn't want to go to bed after she arranged the furniture, because I just wanted to sit and look at my new room!

On to the entry; I'll begin it on Monday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lyndon's Soccer Games

Lyndon has been playing soccer on Saturday mornings. It's much more fun to watch them play this year as opposed to last year, when they had no CLUE what to do. The Tractor Shop sponsored their jerseys; sadly, the vendor forgot to put the "THE" in the name.

New Signage

Our new Versatile sign arrived; I was very nervous while the guys unloaded it. It would not have been good if they broke it before we had the chance to install it! We'll have to wait for a slow week to put it up.

Slowly But Surely


I've been painting the wicker furniture on our patio; it's taking MUCH longer than I anticipated. I've got more to go, but it's rewarding to finish part of it.

Going to the Birds!

We generally have lots of birds on our property, but lately we've been having unusual activity. Guinneas frequently come to eat in our yard; usually they are happy to keep their feet on the ground! This past week we had a hawk on the patio. He sat there for a few minutes before flying off.

Eva & Aubrey

I'm a litte LATE, but a few weeks go Aubrey and I went to Wichita Falls for errands and fun. We went by to visit Sheri; her granddaughter, Eva was visiting. It was pretty funny watching the girls. They are both dramatic and acted like they'd known each other for years with hugs and all.