Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lohman Family Christmas


Baby Cody

2 silly brothers

Aubrey and Kathleen


the Culprit

a beautiful blanket from Diane

Lauren and her oreo balls

The Lohman Family celebrated Christmas on Friday after Thanksgiving. We all gathered at the ranch, ate Mimi's great cooking, visited, watched the little ones and had a wonderful time. Lauren made some INCREDIBLE oreo balls that we all enjoyed. The girls had fun with our Chinese Christmas and there was only one theft; the culprit knows who she is! We really do have fun with this gift exchange, and we all end up receiving wonderful gifts. (That's because we all have good taste). We missed Diane, because she and Brian had to return home Thursday. We also greatly missed you, Kristin!

Everyone enjoyed seeing Baby Cody in person; he's a cutie pie. Aubrey received a cabbage patch from Mimi and Pawpaw. Coincidentally, the doll is named "Kathleen"; too bad it's spelled with a K. Aubrey loved the doll as well as Kathleen's ballet outfit. Carl and Lyndon spent the night with us and tried to scare Jason with Carl's remote control spider that he received from Mimi and Pawpaw. I wish the fun weren't over for another year!

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