Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Those Inventive Boys

Working on their treehouse with plumbing
Chips and dip with Pepere

Carl and Carl the dog

One room decorated for Christmas

Lyndon and Carl spent the night on Friday. Saturday they played outside for hours climbing their tree and building a "sink" with the garden hose and plant trays.
When they finally came inside, we decorated the nursery and watched Home Alone. Carl had never seen it, and he laughed and laughed. Carl spent Saturday night with us as well, and enjoyed sharing Pepere's favorite snack of chips and dip. How nutritious!

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  1. It was so fun to get to spend so much time with you! We enjoyed watching the boys play on Friday night....the spider was hilarious. Your Thanksgiving pics turned out great. I'll have to copy them. :) I'm glad I got to see all your hard painting efforts in person. You've done a fabulous job and it looks amazing! I have a great pic of you and Cody I'll have to send you!